Posted by: elderwyatt | December 12, 2011

Windshield vs. Rock

Today we needed to go to Saltos del Guairà to have another meeting with our mission leaders.  We were returning in a taxi when we had an interesting incident.  There was a man cutting the grass to the side of the road with one of those mowers that is attached to a tractor.  Just at the right moment – just as we passed in front of him.   He hit a rock and sent it flying toward us.  The rock luckily didn’t fully penetrate the windshield but it pretty much destroyed it.  Man, the sound was loud when it hit!  We needed to wait for a while while the taxi driver negotiated with the man in order to pay for the replacement, and because of that we lost a bit of time.  No danger at all involved in the incident.  We are all perfectly fine but it makes for an interesting story.

Turning 21: Birthday Cake at the Brazilian Bakery

Free Day Activity

Local Fishing Pond


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