Posted by: elderwyatt | February 20, 2012

Big News

We were walking down the road heading off to a service project.  We are building a fence for a woman.  She is building a heurta, or a vegetable garden, and needs a fence to keep the dogs out. We saw a man sitting by himself staring at the ground.   We made our way to him and starting talking with him.  He said that he really wants to make changes in his life.  He wants to turn over a new leaf in his life.  After speaking to him about repentance, he asked if he could one day be a missionary like us and asked what he had to do in order to serve a mission.  He really wants to turn his life around, quit some bad habits, and help others with their challenges and come unto Christ.


READ THIS: I just was writing my letter home when the mission president called me.  He told me that I will depart from Paraguay on the 9TH OF AUGUST 2012.

Big news: see you all on the ninth or tenth of August!


Elder Wyatt





  1. You are a true inspiration, Aaron! I can’t imagine the stories you will have to tell for years and years! We miss you and will look forward to August!!

  2. You can’t have been out on your mission this long. ahhhh August will be here before all of us know it. Best to you!!

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