Posted by: elderwyatt | April 4, 2012


So here in Caacupe (Caw – a – coo – pay) there is a HUGE Catholic cathedral with an interesting legend.

It all starts hundreds of years ago, when Catholic French Missionaries arrived to Paraguay and started teaching the native tribes found here.  One native named Josè was selected by the French to carve an image of the Virgin Mary to place in the new church that was to be built near the tribe.  He prepared himself and went deep into the forest in search of a suitable tree whose wood would be utilized to make the sculpture.  However, while in the forest, danger crept near.  An enemy tribe was traveling through the forest, and if they caught even a glimpse of Josè they would chase him and cause him to be put to death.  Trembling with fear, Josè knelt down and began to pray. He prayed that he would be protected from his enemies and that they would pass by without seeing him.

The legend says that after finishing his prayer, a pillar of light fell upon him and the Virgin Mary appeared to him in a vision.  Josè promised to her that if she would protect him, he would make two sculptures of her in her honor out of the tree behind which he was hiding.  The virgin accepted his offer, disappearing, and leaving Josè alone once again.

The enemy tribe came closer, but as they approached, they failed to see the man crouched behind the tree and continued on with their journey without stopping.

True to his word, the native chopped down the tree and carved a statue of the virgin.  Later, it was painted with brilliant blue and yellow colors and placed in the newly finished Catholic Church built by the French missionaries.

There are a lot of people here who have a strong belief in this story. There are others that believe it is a legend.  I thought you might enjoy a little history of the area where I’m currently located.

The name Caacupé comes from the Guaraní word caaguycupé, meaning “the other side of the mountain.”  The city is in a valley of the Altos Mountains.  Oranges, and sugarcane are processed here.

I have faith that our Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers as we pray to him in the name of His son Jesus Christ.  The power of prayer is a blessing that I am truly grateful for, as I have needed much of His help in my life.  I appreciate all the prayers on my behalf as I work here in Paraguay.

PS:  Click on the map.  Look to the right of the capital, Asuncion, and you’ll find Caacupe.

Paraguay. Find the capital, Asuncion, then look to the right and you'll find Caacupe.




  1. So fun hearing about your mission and about the people and customs there. Thanks so much for posting! Stay healthy and we’ll see you in August!! Love, Sis. Adams

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