Posted by: elderwyatt | July 2, 2012


Caacupè (Ka – ah – coo – pay) has been one of the most unique areas of my mission.  The city is very foresty and the land is filled with lots of hills.  Our church is on top of a big hill so we all do our exercises getting to church on Sundays.  We usually break out in a sweat by the time we get into the top.


Our branch president is a German immigrant who has been picking up Spanish over the past two and a half years.  He has several children who stand out because of their red hair in Paraguay!

Over the past few months I have been teaching the _blank_ family (probably not kosher to give their name here).  They live quite far away from the city and have really shown a lot of faith in God making the sacrifice walking over four kilometers in order to get to church.  They are really special.   They have felt that they have received a lot of blessings as a family since they starting going to church together and see the difference it made in their lives.

I want to invite everyone to Google the word “chipa paraguaya” because in my area it is sold on almost every street corner.  It is a bread type food that is very common here.

¡Hasta la proxima!

Elder Wyatt


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